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Where’s The Best Location To Farm In PoE

In Path of Exile, the important aspects of playing it is grinding. You can kill the same creatures on a continuous basis to gain as much experience and poe items as you desire. The specific locations spawn repeated enemies to yield experience points and even the chance to earn some decent gear. There are three best areas for Path of Exile farming.

The first location is The Ledge in Act 1. The Ledge is the best place for you to start farming for Act I. Towards the end of the first Act, you’ll find The Ledge inhabited by Cannibals, Rattling Bones and Ancient Archers for you to kill repeatedly, and they are pretty easy to do so. Not only that, but killing them will also earn you an impressive amount of EXP. As far as gaining new equipment is concerned here, you can also find Rare Mobs with useful equipment for your character at such an early stage.

Path of Exile

The second location is Fellshrine Ruins in act 2. Going forward into Act II, you’ll want to find Fellshrine Ruins to continue grinding. The several enemies here shouldn’t cause you too much trouble bar the Hulking Titan, and that is only based on its high HP and strength, which shouldn’t be that hard to deal with if you’re a melee character. Ultimately, your goal is to kill blue and yellow mobs throughout, and it will be especially relevant in this area, so prepare for your inventory to fill up pretty sharp here. For access to the Fellshrine Ruins, you will need to enter the Church Portal. While you’re here, you can raid The Church given that the two are connected, just for some additional EXP.

The third area you’ll want to head to is The Docks in Act III, which can be found via the Battlefront exit. Here, you will find a location that has both higher and lower paths which you can check out. However, this area houses the Voidbearer, who presents a rather difficult challenge. Therefore, you may want to hang on until you reach level 60.

Act III in particular is a great place for farming, and there are honorable mentions to other places such as Marketplace and Lunaris for all your farming needs. But if the base need of experience and gear is what you require, then The Docks is your best bet.

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Some Useful Tips About PoE Leech

Leech should be more of a melee life/facetanking focused mechanic in Path of Exile. Unlike path of exile orbs, ranged and caster leech is way to powerful, so it is hard to get.

On the other hand, life on hit is quite powerful on ranged imo. The new elder rings can have something like ~20 Life on hit each, which can end up feeling like pre-nerf vaal pact for ranged.

Of course, ranged leech is really easy to get, as long as you’re playing a Ranger or Duelist. Ranged leech requires very little investment, if you’re playing a Ranger or Duelist. All of the attack leech nodes work just fine for ranged attacks.

Path of Exile

Additionally, there are many “melee” spells (Blade Vortex, EK nova, Vortex, Ice Nova, Shock Nova, Flame Surge, Lightning Tendrils, Incinerate, arguably Freezing Pulse due to its severe damage dropoff) where the builds utilizing them have to facetank just as much as a melee facetanker does – or moreso.

For typical tm ranger with avoidance based defence, maybe the leech is less useful than amroured ‘melee’ dude. Armoured melee can afford to have steady recovery rate, maybe you want to recover fast on your ranged dudes, which means instant flask at this point in game.

If your avoidance is good enough and you aren’t playing hardcore, you can most likely survive with just leech since even though it might seem like you get chunked fairly hard, you have more time to recover it since you’ll be hit less often compared to that armour-based tank that is soaking every hit even if at reduced amounts.

You even are better at dealing with elemental damage and most spells (if you have Phase Acrobatics or other sources of spell dodge) than that armour character, too. Plus, due to your range, you can choose to avoid a lot of things those melee characters cannot.

Spell leech near the part of the tree that focuses on spell damage and spell crit would be retarded… Spells are already amazing in their own right, you dont need accuracy or specific weapons since they scale off a lot of generic nodes. Adding is spell leech to the top of the tree would need to be gated by some kind of keystone that has a drawback since that would be so damn easy to splash into almost any spellcasting build.

Leech is a thematic element for both the duelist (mostly slayer) and shadow (see the claw implicits). It would make sense to have at least one leech mechanic up north.