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PoE: There Should Be A Way To Purge Elder Not By Defeating

Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, you could ask for a carry, unless you’re ssf. Or just don’t want to (cuz tbh you shouldn’t have to). Buy enough poe orbs cheap is important.

It’s just silly that Elder and his buddies can block off maps or even your Shaper’s Realm and if you can’t do them you’re kinda screwed outta doing the (easier) content they’re blocking, ever.

Path of Exile

This kinda thing doesn’t happen with any other encounter, nor should it, if I can’t do uber atziri it doesn’t stop me from doing regular atziri. If I can’t do the shaper it doesn’t stop me from doing his guardians, or any other maps.

But if I can’t do elder or a guardian on whatever map, it prevents me from running the original version of that map (complete with original boss) again. If I can’t do uber elder, it prevents me from even doing shaper (or regular elder, for that matter) again.

For my personal experience, I ran though all the atlas solo in bestiary, no buying maps or partying or w/e, and got myself through all of zana’s questline and near-full completion with the exception of uber elder (and a couple unique maps). Keeping an eye on poe orbs buy, you will get more gains.

Every other encounter including shaper, uber atziri, red elder, and vaal temple was a relative breeze. And so I went after uber elder, got him to spawn, and found I couldn’t do it even after repeated tries. And so I was stuck, I didn’t wanna ask for a carry cuz I do this kinda stuff solo, but I can’t beat him.

I’m fine with not being able to beat him, I can take that hit to my pride, but him existing there without any other means to remove him is preventing me from accessing lower content (shaper and regular elder spawns). It’s beyond shitty, it’s basically a permanent lockout of that lower content until he’s beat.

Anyway, my suggestion is this: add a new atlas-based item you can get through a recipe that will purge the elder and his guardians from wherever they’re inhabiting in your atlas. Call it a ‘Minor Arcana’ or something, keeping it in line with the lore of the Cosmic Arcana.

How To Win Path Of Exile Races?

Path of Exile

Since Path of Exile launch, it has received extensive updates and has seen continual, massive audience growth. However, how to win Path of Exile races? Enough chaos orbs poe is a prerequisite. And then you need to do the following tips.

Path of Exile

1. Form a team

It is a fact that players are going to compete in either Softcore or normal Hardcore, players will need a team, or players automatically lose the top few slots of each class. A team typically consists of four players—two damage dealers, one providing auras, and another player cursing the enemies. A team of four will progress at speeds much faster than any solo player ever could.

2. Slow and steady wins the race

This rule is for solo players specifically in hardcore. While players were competing, there are the leaderboards like a hawk. There were often players who were making more experience than you per hour, and who sometimes even passed you. You shuold not panic or try and farm more difficult content. You should stay in areas where you are confident that you wouldn’t die. And finally, many single players who past you will end up dying, and slowly but surely, you will way up the ladder.

3. Embrace the “one more map” mindset

If you’re serious about winning a race in Path of Exile, you need to get into the mindset of playing just “one more map.” And after you finish it, run one more map. Set up a movie or a music playlist that gets you into the groove, and just keep going. Make it second nature to open the next map as soon as you exit, so that you have to keep grinding.

4. Don’t be discouraged

It’s not the end of the world if you die or don’t get a Demi. Was it tough to start over? Sure. It would have been easy to just mope around. You should decide to be proactive and keep pushing.

Everyone’s Path of Exile racing experience is different, but if you do your research, stay patient, and don’t do anything too risky, you can win a Demi of your own.