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Star Citizen Official 2.6.0 Feedback

Alpha Patch 2.6.0 has been released. There are my feedback:

Star Citizen 2.6.0

  1. Missile Lock times should be determined by ship’s radar, and not missile’s guidance system.
  2. We need a visual icon of “someone is locking at you”, one of the best ways to avoid a missile is to avoid the lock.
  3. This way bombers will have their own characteristic, and will be better ships to use torpedoes, missiles, bombs or w/e.
  4. Ship speeds are very good.
  5. As RadiantFlux was saying the past days, you guys need i firmly suggest to remove the Virtual Speed Limit from decouple.
  6. The difference between the main thruster and the maneuvering thrusters should be acceleration, the main thrusters should have like 5x the acceleration of the maneuvering thrusters(while in AB), this will lead us to very interesting game styles.
  7. Now that SCM speeds are pretty close, what differs ship to ship must be acceleration. While some ships feels good like the Gladius, others are too fast for the role, like the F7C-M Super Hornet. A pilot using mouse and gimbals with a Super Hornet can have 70% accuracy against a Gladius for example. This doesn’t happen because gimbals are broken, this happens because: a) Gladius is too slow to gap; b) F7C-M is too fast.
  8. All the ships feels the same on AB, again the acceleration difference.
  9. Xi-An Aopoa Karthu-Al is UNPLAYABLE The crosshair bug is annoying, and need to be fixed, it happens in all ships and in Star Marine.
  10. You guys need I suggest to revise the boost fuel, regen and max. While some ships have infinite (Gladiator), others lose it pretty quick, and even in AC with the pickups i found myself drifting at 160ms in a Gladius.
  11. Energy weapons doesn’t have identity. Where is the absurd range and muzzle velocity with 0 spread from Omnisks? Where are the never ending pokes from the MXA canons? The best energy weapons in the game are repeaters and you shouldn’t even consider the others, because the main difference is DPS, and repeaters have the top.
  12. Evaluate difficulty and reward for ballistic and energy weapons, make sure each weapon has it play style, and unique characteristics.
  13. Shields now can soak torpedoes (Vanguard) but can’t soak ballistics.
  14. There is no penalty for using ballistics weapon, ie: a F7C-M with 5 APAR’s have its mass increased by ~1900 KG, this should affect the ship acceleration.
  15. Why the Mustang series has 7k HP and armor reduction (ph:15%/en:5%/di:20%) while the Sabre has 6.4k and no armor status?
  16. G-Safe is hiding the true potential of all ships, it should be useful, but sometimes you can’t push to the limit because you black/red out in some ridiculous situations. I suggest a better Black/Red out feedback, or decrease the G-Forces, and let it apply to specific extreme situations, ie: Barrel Rolls.
  17. Some players are reporting that boost is not working on decouple mode, that’s probably because of the VSL(Virtual Speed Limit). Also, there is no noticeable difference while using boost in some ships, i suggest to check if everything is working fine.
  18. fix the invitation system for AC/SM, it is very bad, really.

Thanks and happy testing!