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TERA: Maximizing Overall Your Warrior DPS

We need to go over into the actual maximizing of our overall DPS. Apart from staying alive, your main priority otherwise is to never stop attacking and trying to stay fluid within your attacks. You want to position yourself that you can attack the boss from behind for as much as possible, and you want to stack up your edge and unleash your Scythes as fast as possible. Then the importance of Tera Gold in Tera is that you can use gold to buy equipment, resources to enrich your character.


There is a lot of factors that play into your personal DPS, however. Apart from the RNG factor and the boss mechanics, you also have to maximize each usage of your Deadly Gamble by aligning it with enrage phases and, more optimally, with buffs from your party, like the adrenaline rush, and debuffs on the boss, like a contagion.

As you can already see, this means that it is highly party dependent as well. If party DPS is low, you will have lower enrage uptimes, and in general, longer fights also mean lower personal DPS. If you run with multiple “weaker classes”, expect a longer boss fight than if you were to run for example with 2 berserkers.

If your party DPS is extremely high, or the boss dies too fast, you might have to skip one usage of your Deadly Gamble and keep it for later when the boss is enraged, instead of using it on a non-enraged boss.

In the optimal fight, you should be able to use Deadly Gamble off cooldown when the boss enrages again. While the general consensus is that Deadly Gamble uptime beats everything in that regard, you sometimes have to consider (and estimate) if you would lose Deadly Gamble uptime when delaying it to line it up with buffs/enrages compared to when you didn’t. But in most cases, even if you had an up-time advantage, most of these uptime-advantages could fall into non-enrage-times, and therefore still be outshined by a lower uptime on Deadly Gamble which was well utilized.

For example, if you can expect a fight to take around 3:30 minutes, and you know that your Tank is re-infuriating the boss, then you should consider waiting till your brooch is up again. This way, you gain another significant burst at the end of the boss fight. And if you want to purchase Tera gold and have any demand for Tera Gold buying, just ask U4GM for help, all players can get strong support from us.

In other words, one component to maximizing your DPS is having a good party and having a good perception on when you should use your burst Another component is, as we talked before, situational awareness – this also means knowing to adapt to changing situations, and knowing your chains.

Another component is to minimize your own mistakes, and even if you do them, to not panic and to adapt to the changing situation. As we have stated earlier, mistakes do happen, and sometimes might throw you off, causing you to, for example, use Scythes too early or way too late. Remember that you always can correct your edge numbers and that there should always be a 2 Edge-filler available as well, as improvised as they may be.

However, you also need to remember that using some of your edge corrector might block other chains. If you truly wish to maximize your Warrior, you need to be prepared for those situations – have a bit of foresight.