The Full Patch Notes In PoE 3.2.0B


In Path of Exile, GGG said that the team has finished the new Net type and they’re ready to add it to game! Aside from the new Necromancy Net, this patch includes many bug fixes. The following is the full patch notes for many collectors of poe currency.

Path of Exile

  • Fixed a bug where unlocking additional Cartographer’s Sextants on your Atlas required unique Maps to be completed.
  • Fixed a bug where Scorching Ray totems did not stack their damage correctly with other Scorching Ray totems.
  • Fixed a bug where Bestiary Aspect skills could be crafted onto Flasks and Jewels.
  • Fixed a bug where some areas were unable to spawn Legendary Beasts.
  • Fixed a bug where Stairs to the next area would not open if a beast was captured in the Oba’s Cursed Trove unique map.
  • Fixed a bug where Maker of Mires in the Hallowed Ground unique map would not lose his immunity buff if Balah, Duke was captured.
  • Fixed a bug where statues were unable to come to life if the Basilisk was captured.
  • Fixed a bug where Vilenta was able to escape her arena. Stay Vilenta, stay.
  • Fixed a bug where the “x% more Spell Fire Damage” from Herald of Ash was not applying to Damage over Time effects applied by skills such as Scorching Ray.
  • Fixed a bug where some Prophecies did not complete if you captured, rather than killed, the target.
  • Fixed a bug where scroll speed in the Social Panel was slower than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon swap buttons would not visually change when swapping between weapons.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur while Summon Phantasm on Kill was socketed in The Dancing Dervish.
  • Fixed a rare client crash that could occur when the final boss of Act 10 and its Endgame Map counterpart used its Flame Breath skill. This skill had been disabled in a previous patch to prevent this from happening. It will be re-enabled in this patch.
  • Fixed various instance crashes.
  • Added “Necromancy Nets”, a relatively rare net that can revive beasts, capturing them in the process.
  • Beastcrafting recipes that make an unidentified rare item or a rare item with a specific mod now require one fewer rare beast.
  • Flasks now refill after a Beastcrafting fight ends.
  • Summon Phantasm on Kill Support no longer supports Manifest Dancing Dervish.
  • Strong Rope Nets and Simple Iron Nets now cost Portal Scrolls rather than Orbs of Transmutation.
  • Reinforced Iron Nets and Strong Iron Nets now cost Orbs of Transmutation, rather than Orbs of Alteration.
  • Monsters with the Putrid Flight Bestiary mod now use their Vulture Bombing skill more frequently.

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New Ascendancy Class Added To PoE: The Champion

Path of Exile

The Champion is an Ascendancy class for Duelists in Path of Exile. The Champion is a defensive/support class that can act as a tank for their party by taunting and debuffing enemies, buffing their allies with an aura, or Intimidate enemies to reduce their defenses. In PoE 3.2, collectors of path of exile orbs may know, Champion has some changes.

Path of Exile

1. Unstoppable Hero: No longer grants increased Armour and Evasion Rating while you have Fortify. Instead grants +1000 Armour and Evasion Rating while you have Fortify and Cannot Be Stunned while you have Fortify. The small passive leading to Unstoppable Hero now also increases Ailment Damage from Attack Skills while wielding a Melee weapon.

2. Fortitude: The small passive leading to Fortitude now also increases Ailment Damage from Attack Skills while wielding a Melee weapon.

3. First to Strike, Last to Fall: The small passive leading to First to Strike, Last to Fall now grants 14% increased Melee Damage, rather than 5% increased Attack Speed. First to Strike, Last to Fall now also grants Adrenaline for 20 seconds when you reach Low Life if you don’t already have Adrenaline, and removes Ailments and Burning when you gain Adrenaline. Adrenaline grants 100% increased Damage, 25% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed, and 10% additional Physical Damage Reduction.

4. Inspirational: Now grants you and nearby Allies 12% increased Movement Speed (up from 8%).

5. Conqueror: Now grants 100% chance to Taunt on Hit (up from 25%), 2% of Life Regenerated per second if you’ve Taunted an Enemy Recently (up from 1%), and Enemies Taunted by you deal 10% less Damage with Hits and Ailments against other targets.

6. Worthy Foe: No longer causes Enemies Taunted by you to deal 10% less Damage with Hits and Ailments to other targets. Now prevents Enemies taunted by you from Evading Attacks.

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I Think Abyssal Cry Could Use A Radius Buff In PoE


In Path of Exile, Abyssal Cry is mechanically a cool skill that can be put into just about any build. The fact that it’s a warcry presents 2 problems. It has a short range, and it can’t be triggered. This makes players favor poe items/passives that allow you to explode enemies by other means. Why would they want to use a skill to explode enemies when it doesn’t reach them?

I’d really like to see Abyssal Cry get some base radius as it levels, or just get a massive base radius buff. The explosion radius is totally fine. But the taunt radius is tiny as shit. In fact, I’d say all warcries have too small of a radius. But their mechanics don’t rely on range as much, I suppose. To me, a warcry is something that foes all over the screen should hear. After all, you are crying it out, loudly.

Path of Exile

Therefore, I think that Abyssal Cry feels more like Abyssal Whisper, needs radius buff. What do you think about?

One player think that people don’t seem to understand what’s the purpose of the change they did. That part is really fine. The problem is that quite a few skills seem to have been forgotten in the process, and thus work bad with the new scaling. But it’s not the scaling that is bad, it’s the base radius. Fix it and the skills will be fine.

One player think that because people say “AoE feels bad now” doesn’t mean they don’t understand the principle that AoE scaling is now logarithmic rather than geometric. The issue is that it doesn’t matter what something is in principle; it’s what it is in practice that’s relevant. And if AoE skills feel awful to use in practice, no amount of theoretical understanding would get them to like it.

The issue isn’t that AoE scaling is better now in theory, it’s that AoE scaling is now worse at all levels than it was previously. 3 points of investment in radius now is worse than 3 points of investment of radius pre-nerf. 10 points of investment now is WAAAAY worse than 10 points of investment of radius pre-nerf.

The logarithmic nature of AoE scaling is fine. It’s that at no point does an AoE skill have comparable radius to the old system, except for the few skills where they went through and buffed radius manually, and that’s the fault of their choice of numbers.

It’s fine that 10 points of scaling is way worse than 10 points pre-nerf. It’s not fine that 3 points of scaling is still considerably worse than 3 points of scaling pre-nerf. That’s the issue here. What about you? Keeping an eye on poe buy chaos, you will get more gains.

How Can You Get Loot In Path Of Exile

Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, there’s only one way of getting great loot: get lucky. Loot is in integral part of the game and has its value, and we all want the best equipment possible for our characters. The only consistent way to get great endgame items is to craft them, which requires an enormous amount path of exile currency but is somewhat less RNG based, depending on how much you’re willing to invest.

If you’re hoping for an item to drop for you then you’re in for a rough ride. Items which are worth over 10 Exalted Orbs are of course extremely rare and while they seemingly keep dropping for other players more than they do for you there is a way to increase your chances of getting one. Chance Orbs have a miniscule possibility to turn a white item into a unique one, so using the orbs on particular whites can be a good strategy to maximize your farming time.

Path of Exile

There are several high-value items and they include: Glorious Plate – Turns into Kaom’s Heart (value over 30 Exalted), Occultist’s Vestments – Turns into Shavronne’s Wrappings (value around 50 Ex unlinked, up to 80 if 6L); also chances in Infernal Mantle which is worth far less, Siege Axe – can be chanced for Soul Taker, valued at 50+ Exalted depending on roll, Spine Bow – Voltaxic Rift bow, valued at over 50 Ex, Note: approximate values are based on Standard league prices.

These are all some of the best poe items in game and highly valued by many skill tree builds, and rare enough to warrant their extreme prices. When farming Merciless Docks you should see at least 2-3 Siege Axes in a solo run, and Occultist’s Vestments are a bit more rare but still rather frequent. Glorious Plates and Spine Bows can drop in Docks or Lunaris as well but they drop more regularly once you get into 68+ map farming.

Other higher valued items still worth chancing are Hubris Circlets for Crown of Eyes, Nightmare Bascinets for Bringer of Rain & Devoto’s Devotion, Chain Belt for Auxium, Murder Mitts for Thunderfist, and Amethyst Ring for Ming’s Heart and Death Rush. All of these are worth between 10 and 30 Ex on average. There’s even more items you could try your luck with: Champion Kite Shield for Aegis Aurora, Sinner Tricorne for Alpha’s Howl, Gold Ring for Andvarius, Archon Kite Shield for Prism Guardian, Prophecy Wand for Void Battery, Slaughter Knife for Bino’s Kitchen Knife, Imperial Bow for Lioneye’s Glare and Sapphire Ring for Dream Fragments, though some of these may not be worth as much to make it worthwhile.

Are You Looking For A Build Of ULAB In PoE


In Path of Exile league, if you played a cleave Slayer, having enough path of exile orbs, it’s been working fine as a lab farmer this entire league, but was weak, and died a lit before getting geared. So you are looking for a build you can try, that can farm uLab on super budget early on, so preferably while still “low lvl”. What should you do?

The cheapest build will always be Juggernaut with 7 endurance charges because it costs 0 chaos on jugg other than using enduring cry and instantly makes you a lot tankier vs physical 1 shots. You can even make your own Koams Way early on for peanuts. Belt of deceiver is also great since it makes quick work of Izaro’s charge disruptors, doubly so if you combine it with the indomitable cluster.

Path of Exile

On elemental days you can just throw in purities. Slayer is a good lab farmer but in my opinion, he is inferior to jugg because he needs to leech to survive and therefore will simply always die more. In contrast jugg can make endurance charges off traps, can use warlords mark on blasphemy or even now on elder rings, will not be slowed by temp chains, can better mitigate damage, does not need to leech at all times. is easily stun immune with unbreakable or sits right beside unwaver, and is better at dealing with elemental damage due to unrelenting.

I did 150 labs on slayer in breach, and several hundreds on jugg in subsequent leagues. I honestly prefer jugg by a landslide for lab. IMHO Slayer is now a bossing class with vaal pact and culling strike at 20%.

Pathfinder used to be significantly better once you put a lot of poe currency into it. It’s still faster at the top end (i.e. first place), but for just farming it’s now more down to personal preference (phase run vs. leap slam).